Parotid PMG®

Bovine Parotid extract to support Parotid function from the Parotid Gland.


The Parotid Gland is one of the largest pairs of salivary glands located on each side of your face. It is right there in your cheek and its job to secrete saliva which in turn initiates the digestion process.

Within saliva are a number of organic substances including protein, enzymes* and amino acids.

Saliva helps to cleanse the upper digestive tract by providing several materials that help support healthy intestinal flora*.

Bovine extract in Parotid PMG helps maintain the parotid glands in a good state of repair so that they may effectively cleanse toxins, helping your immune system combat unwanted visitors.

Parotid can be purchased from our office (727) 446-1141.

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