Effective sleep supplement


(< MINeral TRANquility)

A highly effective mineral complex and nutrient supplement designed to support nervous system function produced by Standard Process.

Specific vitamins, minerals, and trace elements have a direct relationship to and impact on individual components of the central nervous system.

Iodine, found in kelp, helps keep both the brain and its surrounding membranous tissues, sensory nerves, and the spinal cord healthy. The thyroid gland, located in the neck, produces hormones. These hormones are comprised in part by iodine atoms and boost the rate at which the body’s cells use oxygen and organic molecules to produce energy and heat – in other words, they boost your metabolism. The thyroid hormones directly affect the maturing and day-to-day well-being of both the skeletal and central nervous systems.

Calcium and Magnesium work together to promote tranquility and relieve tension.

Potassium is essential for nervous system function. It plays an important role in chemical reactions inside cells and transmits electro-chemical impulses, which stabilize mood.

The combination of the above minerals can ease body conditions and aid you to relax and fall asleep. MIN- TRAN contains all the above and more and can be purchased at the office.

In addition, you can come into the office and have a free iodine test to find out if you have a deficiency which may contribute to your sleepless nights or low metabolism.

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